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296 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. Uuhnsrone Terrace. selection, without regard to the Government order of merit. The programme of instruction is prescribed by the Education Department ; but the Education Committee of the Scottish Church are not limited by it, and give religious instruction on the basis of the Bible and Shorter Catechism, while promoting the study of Latin and elementary science. The All students pay annually A2 each, a contribution to the book fund of the Training College, in return for which all necessary books are given to them by the committee ; and this payment must be made by all, whether the books are taken or not. These colleges date from about the year 1840. PLAN FOR OPENING A COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE NORTH AND SOUTH SIDES OF THE CITY BY MEANS OF A BRIDGE, ENTERING THE LAWNMARKET NEARLY OPPOSITE BANK STREET. (Fmnr an Eirgrawing in the ?Scotr? Magnsinc,? 1817.) students do not enter un?.il they are eighteen years of age at least, and thF, principles and practice of teaching have a prorhent place among the subjects of instruction. Bursaries of the average value of LZI per annum, in addition to free education, are given to all the male students ; while a considerable number of the average value of LIZ is given to the female students, from whom alone a fee for education is expected. That in Johnstone Terrace was built to succeed an older (and less suitably equipped) edifice, which stood in what used to be called Market Street, near the Waverley Station, and near the Bank of Scotland. Westward of the Training College, on the Castlebank, and facing the Grassmarket, a barrack for married soldiers stands, and there any soldier passing through Edinburgh, on obtaining permission, may pass the night.
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