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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. II


OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Victoria Terrace. 292 of subscribers, and is transferable under certain rules. Judging from the large number of books lent during the year, the interest in this Institution is not only real, but steadily maintained. The ordinary In recording the destruction of Mauchine's Close, Liberton's Wynd, and other old alleys, we referred to the erection of Melbourne Place. Here Ceorge IV. Bridge goes southward at right angles from the Lawnmarket, and stretches across the ST. AUGUSTINE'S CHURCH. members on the roll number more than 600, an average that seldom varies. Though the chief entrance is from Victoria Terrace, the library is the proprietor of the whole property in Riddell's Close behind, from the basement to the attics. The first, or principal floor, is occupied by the library (and the rest is let to tenants) and is in the house of Bailie Macmoran, who, as we have related, was shot by William Sinclair, a High School boy, in the reign of James VI. Cowgate, opposite Bank Street, to a point near the south end of the Candlemaker Row. The foundation-stone of this magnificent bridge, which was projected in 1825, was laid on the 15th of August, 1827; but after being begun, and for some time left in an unfinished state, through a failure of funds, it was finally completed in 1836. It occasioned the demolition of many picturesque specimens of the city's ancient edifices, but forms a spacious thoroughfare three hundred yards in
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