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I THE OLD TOWN. 45 R. W. Jameson, afterwards the author of Nimt-04 one of the liveliest orators Edinburgh ever produced. There was a grim determination in that multitude which assorted well with the dark shadows of the closing November day, and threatened unutterable things if their purpose had not been carried. An allusion by Mr. Jameson to the Covenanting days, and the Grassmarket as it was then, told with prodigious power. XAGDALBNE CHAPEL The Cowgate is chiefly remarkable for Magdalene Chapel, founded in the reign of James V., where John Craig, Knox's colleague, preached in Latin for nine years before the Reformation, and where. the General Assembly in 1578, presided over by Andrew Melville, abolished the name -of .' Bishop.' This chapel is now the headquarters of the Edinburgh Medical Mission. It is also remarkable as the place to which the remains of Argyll were carried, and in our view of the interior, the light stealing in at the window falls upon the table (still there) on which the body of the maityr lay. In Candlemaker Row used to stand Walker's Inn, famous as the haunt of James Hogg, and where, when a shepherd visiting Edinburgh, he used to hold nightly levees of his-cronies. Lord Brougham, it is now ascertained beyond doubt, was born in a house at the corner of the West Bow and the Cowgate, namely the
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