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THE OLD TOWN. 43 ~ ~~ ~- -_ and La Roche, levied once so heavy a tax upon the tears of Scotland-nay,of the civifised world ; here also a small unhewn stone marks the grave of the Regent Morton. But there are yet nobler sleepers in this ' God's Acre,'-an innumerable company of martyrs. Here stands what is called the Martyrs' Monument, with the following inscription :-$ From May 27, 1661, that the most noble Marquis of Argyle was beheaded, to the 17th Feb. 1688, that Mr. James Renwick suffered, were one way or other murdered and destroyed for the same aboirt 18,000, of whom were executed at Edinburgh about 100 of noblemen, gentlemen, ministers, and others,-noble martyrs for Jesus Christ. The most of them lie here.' Hire, in a spot as shown in our illustration, two hundred of the prisoners of Bothwell Bridge were lodged for five months, COVKNANTBRS PRISON. YACKKNZIE'S TOMB. half-starved and brutally used, while those who survived were .shipped off to Barbdoes. The child leaning against the original gate looks into this glorious Golgotha, this consecrated Aceldama And near them lies buried their main foe, the ' master-fiend ' Mackenzie j and here fancy stilI dreams that his spirit keeps restless and wretched guard, like a sentinel of Hell, around the circle of his victims; and boys used to cry in at the keyhole of his monument, ' Bluidy Mackenzie, come out if ye daur ; Lift the sneck and draw the bar.' ________
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