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THE OLD TOWN. 33 Do& spirit. So that we may almost change the name of this Row slightly, and call it Poet Xow. The name suggests to us a number of kindred spirits, such as James Ballantine, Alexander Maclagan, Thomas Tod Stoddart, Alexader Smart, William Sinclair', David Vedder, Robert Gilfillan, and Peter Gardner,- all poets, and all more or less connected with Edinburgh and its Old Tom,- not omitting one of a still higher order, EIugh Miller, also a poet, and who here gained his richer laurels as a journalist and a scientific yet imaginative geologist. Nor can we forget to mention among the past celebrities, Dean Ramsay, the genial-hearted author of Reminisceaces of Scothsh Lqe and Character, Lord Ardmillan, AIexander Russel, the able and dauntless editor of the Scotsman; and among the present notabilities, Dr. John Brown, the ingenious author of Rab and his liriends; Lords Deas, Neaves, and Moncreiff; J. Campbell Smith, J. Arthur Crichton, J. Guthrie Smith, and William Pitt Dundas, Registrar General for Scotland, among the advocates ; Dr. Donaldson and Macdonald of the High School-elsewhere, Dr. Harvey, Clyde, Bryce, and David Pryde ; among the divines, Dr. Cotterill, Dr. Macgregor of St. Cuthbert's, Dr. Walter C. Smith, Dr. Andrew Thomson, Professor Kirk, Dr. W. Lindsay Alexander; and at the New College, Professors Rainy, Duff, Duns, and Blaikie; and among other men of letters, Dr. John Stuart of the Register House, David Laing of the Signet Library, John Hill Burton, and Professor Archer. The Museum of Science and Art behind the College is too well known to require
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