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- THE OLD TOWN. 27 Hope, Christison, Lizars, Liston, and Robert Knox In lower but still lofty literary regions William Knox is singing his Hebrew songs, ' most musical, most melancholy.' ,The two Chamberses are laying the slow but surefoundations of their extensive fame and usefulness. Miss Ferrier is writing her Marriage and Inhe~itame, and Mrs. Johnstone her CZan AZbin. Robert Pollok has come to town from the Mearns, near Paisley, and is publishing his highly popular and promising poem, Tke Course of Time, and Thomas Aird has startled the literary world by his strange and powerful Devit's Dream and Dmoniac, holding out a grand hope that has, alas ! not been thoroughly realised. In the Dissenting pulpit, besides old Dr. James Peddie and Dr. Hall, two men, very different, but both of no ordinary powers, have appeared in Dr. John Brown and Dr. John Ritchie. In the Newspaper press, the Wee&& Yourna4 the CaZedonian Mercwy, and above all the manly and liberal Scofsman, have made their mark. And this last may be considered the avanf-courmr of Fait's Magazine, which comes to the aid of the Liberal PAUL STREET. interest in 1832, and rallies round it, besides its energetic publisher, such writers as William Weare, Roebuck, FonbIanque, Mrs. Johnstone, Bownng, Professor Nichol, Robert Nicoll, Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, and the wondrous De Quincey. Besides, the Edinburgh Literary YourjzaL: edited by Henry Glassford Bell, is for some years a very meritorious publication, and so is, in another sphere, the Edfdurgh Christian Instmcfor, edited by Dr. xndrew
Volume 11 Page 45
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