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- -_ AND THE VALE OF THE ESK. 131 his chaplain, re-comforted his ladies, and went on building his Ch2peL He increased his charity to the poor by way of thanksgiving, ‘applying the safety of his charters and writs to God’s particular providence.’ ’ A century after, when Henry VIII. was demanding the infant Queen of Scots for his son Edward, Roslin, With several other castles in the south, was partially destroyed by the English army. Again, a century later, Monk battered at its doors; and in 1688 it was plundered by a mob from the city of Edinburgh. This was not the only misfortune which befell the Castle. ROSLfN CHAPEL. The Chapel of Roslin was founded in 1446. As it stands, it is only a small portion of what was to have been a cruciform chapel with a high centre tower. For the sake of a name, it is caIled ‘florid Gothic j’ but it is really unlike any other piece of architecture on the face of the earth. It was the pet and plaything of its founder, who employed upon it all the skilful European masons whom he could attract to Scotland by his munificent prices. They indulged their art freely, omamenting and super-omamenting, till the Chapel is a medley of decoration and design, It is quite a unique piece of workmanship. Manuscript Account by Father Hay in Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh : vide Statistical Axount of Scotland-Roslin.
Volume 11 Page 188
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