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I25 QUEENSFERRY TO MUSSELBURGH. - ~~ ~ __~ ~ and the poetry of his times; and here too the kindIy-hearted and richlygifted Delta, the fast friend of the brilliant Christopher of Noctes Ambrosium fame, and a regular contributor to the immortal Muga, lived, and laboured, and sung-dividing his time very much between healing the sick and glorifying the belZt-s lettrt-s, and to whose memory ‘ the honest toun ’ has done well in raising that fine statue of him, by Brodie, at the south end of the new bridge. Musselburgh truly is a grand old town. We know few places we should like better to spend the afternoon of our lifeday in, if we should ever be so fortunate as to have such an afternoon, which, to say the least, is very problematical. ‘ 0 bless’d retirement ! friend to life’s decline, Retreat from care, that never may be mine ! A youth of labour with an age of ease ! ’
Volume 11 Page 181
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