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86 QUEENSFERRY TO MUSSELBURGH. baronial dignity and lordly importance, eIoquent of the wonderful tales of the summers that have smiled, and the winters that have frowned upon it : while on the other hand, again, Dalmeny Park, Lifts high its princely head,' ' Seated on its spreading lawn, the palatial residence of the Earls of Rosebery, the noble successors of the daring and gallant Mowbrays of olden Scottish story. Indeed, there are few districts so highly favoured in this way, the mansions and grounds of these and other opulent families throughout it, lending a beauty and an interest to the locality, particularly if visited in the happy summer-time, which is truly Perhaps we shduld remark that Dundas Castle and Dalmeny Park, presently occupied, are comparatively modern structures, built, if we mistake charming. . . BABNBOUGLE CASTLE. not, within the century, not very far from their aged predecessors which are still standing. Old Dundas Castle, dating from 1120, is a commanding object, hoary and grey, .and reminding one strongly of some old veteran wamor who has seen some severe fighting in his day, and bears upon him the scars of his wounds as trophies of his victories. Barnbougle Castle again is hardly less venerable, and equally suggestive of old-world memories. Possibly there may be much that is merely legendary about the daring exploits and chivalrous deeds of the gallant Mowbrays, of freebooter fame ; still, with a large . deduction in that sense, there must yet have been a great deal that was fearlessly heroic and generously noble in that doughty family. Those relics of the olden time when ' micht was richt ' and 'he who wins should wear,' are
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