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QUEENSFERRY TO MUSSELBURGH, ACONG THE SHORE, WITH HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE ~ NOTES OF THE DIFFERENT TOWNS AND VILLAGES. BY THE REV. JAMES S. MILL; SOUTH QUEENSFERRY, In the north-east of the county of Linlithgow, is a parish of small extent, and lies on the shore of the Forth. Generally, it is supposed to have taken its name from Margaret, the Queen of Malcolm Canmore, in Consequence of her crossing here;ia her frequent excursions to and from Edinburgh and Dunfermline. It is certainly a place of great antiquity, evidences of which are abundant. enough, both in and around the town, in the structures and relics still extant, No houses of any style or importance are found in it; while its streets, narrow and short, with a number of lanes and alleys of a somewhat dark and dingy character, but, on the whole; clean and tidy, with a fresh healthy air about them, do not add to its importance. How it may have looked in the days when Margaret ' wa wont to pass.througb it on her many benevolent and political embassies, we cannot say: not just as it does now indeed; and yet, after all, not any very great change since then may have passed over it. There is a sort of old-world look about it, a kind of air of eld, that reminds one very strongly of far-back times; and although none of the present structures could, by any possibility, have witnessed the ,queenly splendour and royal pomp of the kind-hearted and well-beloved wife of Canmore in her journeyings through it to and from the city, still not a few of them cannot, from their appearance, be many generations later than that period. Queensferry, it would seeqformed part of the parish of Dalmeny until The town itself is small and of rather mean appearance.
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