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66 EDINBURGH PAST AND PRESENT. of this slab, contaiiiing the shield of arms, appears in the annexed Engraving; the lower portion is occupied with the inscription, which we give below :-- THIS SAINT WHOS CORPS LYES BU LET ALL POSTERITIE ADMEIR FOR VPRIGHT LIF IN GODLY FEIR WHEN IUDGMENTS DID THIS LAND HE WITH GOD WAS WALKING FOUND FOR WHICH FROM MIDST OF FEIRS [?I HEIR TO BE INTERRD BOTH HE AND FREIhD BY PROVIDENC AGRIE NO AGE SHAL LOS HIS MEMORIE RIED HEIR! SURROUND HE'S CROUND . HIS AGE 53 DIED 1645. According to local tradition, the monument commemorates John Lawson of Greenhill, Treasurer or Chamberlain of Edinburgh, who, with his friend Hugh Wright (after whom ' Wright's Houses' is said to be named), was most devoted in his attention to the sufferers from the plague in the year above referred to ; and having himself fallen a victim to the fatal epidemic, was buried within the enclosure, which then probably formed a conspicuous object on the old Borough Muir.1 While the initials (I L), on each side of the the author makes some unaccountable mistakes respecting the arms, motto, and initials. 1 The slab is mentioned in Dr. Wilsan's AZmrOriaZs of Edindurgh (i. 165), where, however,
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