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X CONTENTS. 111. EDINBURGH FROM WARRISTON CEMETERY, AS SEEN FROM THE GRAVE OF SIR JAMES Y. SIMPSON. By the Author of ‘ lhe Hotel du Petit St. Jean,’ ‘ VJra,’ etc. PAGE Influence of Cities upon the Mind-What Citizenship implies-Charles Lamb -The Nineteenth Century-Our Great Towns-London-Great Men -Paris-Rome-Venice-Florence-keneva-Edinburgh perhaps the most beautiful City-Natural Scenery-Inferior Climate-Queen Mary -John Knox and other Celebrities-Dean Ramsay-Sir Walter Scott -Professor Sipson, . . . . . . . . . . 4954 IV. HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE NOTES. BY WILLIAM BALLINGALL. Royal Exchange-Presentation of the Keys of the City to Queen Victoria- Unveiling of the Albert Memorial-New Year’s Eve at the Tron Church -Tradition concerning the Signing of the Articles of Union between England and Scotland-Cockburn Street-North Bridge-Historical Associations-St. Giles’ Cathedral-New Royal Infirmary-Park Place -Archbishop of Canterbury-Convent of St. Catherine of Sienna- Bruntsfield Links --Merchiston Castle-Dr. Chalmers-New Royal Blind Asylum-The University-Reminiscences of the High School Wynd-The Old High School-Cowgate-Canongate-Boswell-Dr. Johnson-Adam Smith-The Setons Earls of Winton-John Coutts -Baroness Burdett Coutts-The Dean Cemetery-Water of Leith- Botanic Gardens-Waniston Cemetery-Scott’s House in Castle Street, 55-78 V. MODERN DWELLINGS OF;,THE PEOPLE. BY H. G. REID, Author of ‘ Pnsf and Present,’ &LVe of the Rev: rohn Skinner,’ etc. Falling of the Old Tenement in the High Street in 1861-Desertion of the Old Town Mansions-Overcrowding-The origin of the movement to produce better House-accommodation-I ts beneficial results, . . 79-82
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CONTENTS. xi VI. QUEENSFERRY TO MUSSELBURGH ALONG THE SHORE, WITH HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE NOTES OF THE DIFFERENT TOWNS AND VILLAGES. BY THE REV. JAMES S. MILL. PACE Queen Margaret-Edgar Atheling-George 1V.-Dalmeny-The Earls of Roseberry-Dundas Castle-Barnbougle Castle-Cramond-Corstorphine Hill-Craigcrook Castle-Lord Jeffrey-Gerald Massey-Granton -The Duke of Buccleuch -Newhaven-James 1V.-Trinity-Historical and descriptive account‘of Leith, including a glance at its Celebrities- Sir Andrew Wood-Landing of George 1V.-Portobello and Musselburgh-Duddingstone- Inveresk- Pinkie House-Alexander Seton, Earl of Dunfermline-Colonel Gardiner-Dugald Stewart- ‘Delta’ (Dr. Moir), . . . . . . . . , . 83-126 VII. ROSLIN, HAWTHORNDEN, AND THE VALE OF THE ESK. BY FLORA MASSON. Scott-Associations of the Esk-Newhall-Allan Ramsay-Habbie’s Howe --Penicuik House- Auchendinny-Woodhouselee-Roslin -The St. Clairs-Roslin Chapel-Roslin Moor-Hawthornden-Drummond- Ben Jonson-Lasswade-Scott-De Quincey-Dalkeith-The Palace -1nveresk to Musselburgh-Battle of Pinkie-Carberry Hill, I2W43 VIII. OUTLINE OF THE GEOLOGY OF EDINBURGH AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, . 145-153 BY PROFESSOR GEIKIE, LLD., F.RS.
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