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Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time


MEMORIALS O F EDINBURGH. - PART 11. * LOCAL ANTIQUITIES AND TRADITIONS. Ettittburgb. Install'd on hills, her head neare starrye bowres, Shines Edinburgh, proud of protecting powers : Justice defends her heart ; Religion east With temples ; Mara with towres doth guard the west ; Fresh Nymphes and Cerea serving, waite upon her; And Thetis, tributarie, doth her honour. The sea doth Venice @hake; Borne Tiber beaks ; Whilst She bot scornes her vassall watteres' threata. For scepters no where staudes a towne more fitt, Nor place where towne, world's Queene, may fairer sitt. Bot this Thy praise is, above all most brave, No man di& e'er diffame Thee bot a slave. DTummond of Hawthmdm, Prom the Latin of Dr Arthur lohnrtonc.
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