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Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time


Volume 10 Page 86
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80 NEMORIALS OF EDINBURGH. The confederate lords, as soon as they had got Queen Mary safely lodged in Holyrood House, formed themselves into a council, and at once drew up and signed an order for her imprisonment in Loch Leven Castle. It was in fact only giving effect to their previous resolutions. The same night she was hastily conveyed from the Palace, disguised in mean attire, and compelled to ride a distance of thirty miles to the scene of her captivity. On that night-the 16th of June 1567-she bade a final farewell to the Palace of Holprood, and to Scotland's Crown. Her further history does not come within the province of our Memorials, though her memory still dwells amid these ancient scenes, and the stranger can never tread the ruined aisles of the Old Abbey Church, without some passing thought of the gifted and lovely, but most unfortunate daughter of James V.- Mary Queen of Scots.
Volume 10 Page 87
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