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urgh Castle.] THE ROYAL LODGING. 77 for woodwork in the ? Gret Ha? windois in the Castell, gret gestis and dowbill dalis for the myd ? chalmer, the king?s kechin, and the New Court kechin in David?s Toure,? and for the Register House built in 1542 by ?John Merlyoune,? who first paved the High Street by order of James V. On the east side of the square is the old palace, or royal lodging, in which many stirring events have happened, many a lawless deed been done, where the longest line of sovereigns in the British Isles dwelt, and manv have been born and gorgeous landscape is spread out, reaching almost to the ancient landmarks of the kingdom, guarded on the far east by the old keep of Craigmillar, and on the west by Merchiston Tower.? Besides the hall in this edifice there was another in the fortress ; for among the items of the High Treasurer?s accounts, in 1516, we find for flooring the Lord?s James VI. was unable to take with him to England -lay so long hidden from view, and where they are now exhibited daily to visitors, who number several thousands every meek. The room was greatly improved in 1848, when the ceiling was repaired with massive oak panelling, having shields in bold relief, and a window was opened to the square. Two barriers close this room, one a grated door of vast strength like a small portcullis. In this building Mary of Guise died in 1550, and a doomay, bearing the date of 1566, gives 1 have died. It is a handsome edifice, repaired so ~ lately as 1616, as a date remains to show ; but its octagonal tower, square turrets and battlements, ? were probably designed by Sir James Hamilton of Finnart, the architect to James V. A semioctagonal tower of considerable height gives access to the strongly vaulted and once totally dark room EDINBURGH, FROM THE KING?S BASTION, 1825. (After EwJank.)
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