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amounted to 500 men.? This enumeration probably includes wounded. On the 13th of June the duke pulled down the king?s flag, and hoisted a white one, surrendering, on terms, by which it was stipulated that the soldiers should have their full liberty, and Colonel Winram have security for his life and estates; while Major Somerville, at the head of zoo bayonets, took all the posts, except the citadel. The duke drew up his forlorn band, now reduced to fifty oficers and men, in the ruined Grand Parade, and thanking them for their loyal services, gave each a small sum to convey him home; and as hands were shaken all round, many men wept, and so ended For nearly four-and-twenty hours on both sides the fire was maintained with fury, but slackened about daybreak. ?In the Castle only one man was killed-a gunner, whom a cannon ball had cut in two, through a gun-port, but many were weltering in their blood behind the woolpacks and in the trenches, where the number of slain not to serve against William of Orange. HC died in the year 1716, at his residence in the citadel of Leith. The Castle was once more fully repaired, and presented nearly the same aspect in all its details as we find it today. The alterations were conducted under John Drury (chief of the Scottish Engineers), who gave his name to one of the bastions on the south; and Mylne?s Mount, another on the north, is so named from liis assistant, Robert Mylne, king?s master-mason and hereditary mastergunner of the fartress ; and it was after this last siege that the round turrets, or echauguettes, were added to the bastions. the siege. Though emaciated by long toil, starvation, and gangrened wounds, the luckless soldiers were cruelly treated by the rabble of the city. The capitulation was violated j Colonel Winram was seized as a prisoner of war, and the duke was placed under close arrest in his own house, ~ Blair?s Close, but was released on giving his parole INNEK GATEWAY OF THE CASTLE.
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