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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. I


great leaders of that movement, and with cold and hard hostility they gazed upon her wasted but once beautifiil' features, as she conjured them in moving terms to be loyal men and true to Mary, the girlqueen of Scotland and of France, and touchingly she implored the forgiveness of all. The apartment in which she expired is one of those in the royal lodging, within the present half - moon battery. The rites of burial were denied her body, and it lay in the Castle lapped in lead-till carpets; the tables were of massive oak elaborately carved ; the chairs of gilded leather with cushions she had " eleven tapestries of gilded leather; right of the ' Judgment of Paris'; five of the ' Triumph of Virtue' j eight of green velvet brocaded with great trees bearing armorial shields and holly branches ; ten of cloth of gold and brocaded taffeta ; thirty more of massive cloth of gold, one bearing the story of the Count de Foix, eight bearing the ducal arms of Longueville, five having the history of King Rehoboam; four the hunts of the Unicorn; as many more of the story of Eneis, and EDINBURGH CASTLE, FROM THE SOUTH-WEST. (Fa-simile 4f a Dutch Engraving fmm a Dmwing ay *don of RotUmay.)
Volume 1 Page 45
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