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answer for some raid, act of treason, or murder, he would perhaps appear at the bar in a suit of mail, with as many armed men as he could muster; and the influence of clanship rendered it dishonourable not to shield and countenance a kins VIEW FROM THE COWGATE OF THE BUILDINGS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE PARLIAMENT CLOSE, THE HIGHEST BUILDINGS IN EDINBURGH. (From a Print published in 1794.) The forcible abduction of Sir Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie, a noted lawyer (who drew up the decisions of the Court from the 11th July, 1621. to the 16th July, 164z)-that his voice and vote might be absent from the decision of a case-is hackbuttiers, with matches lighted, to enforce the ' authority of the Court; before which the former came armed, while four thousand of his followers of Dumbreck, and taken to Northumberland, where he was kept for eight days in the Castle of Harbottle, while his friends and family, unable to ac
Volume 1 Page 168
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