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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. I


arid that Popish test they had been taking, and GENERAL DALYELL. the su;erstition of the time,? which led the people 16i like Buchanan?s motto borrowed from the great Emperor Trajan, Pro me, sin mereor, in me.? Garnock having at a Committee of Council railed at General Dalyell, calling him (With reference to his service in Russia) a MuscoGia beast who used to roast men, the general in a passion struck him with the pommel of his shable on the face till the blood sprung. Garnock gave in a protestation signed with his own hand, calling them ?all bloody murderers and papists, and charging all the Parliaof which was accordingly done; and they died obstinately without acknowledging any fault or retracting their errors, reviling and condemning their judges and all that differed from them. Their bodies were stolen up by some of their party from under the gibbet, and re-buried in the west kirkyard.? To understand the courage of the man who in such a place would defy the terrible old colonel ot the Greys-whose ghost is at this day supposed to PARLIAMENT HOUSE. (F70m fh Vim in Arnof?s ? H~SIOY of Edidurgh.?)
Volume 1 Page 161
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