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St. Gild?s Church.] SIR DAVID LINDESAY ON THE PROCESSIONISTS. 14r In his ?Monarchie,? finished in 1553, the pungent Sir David Lindesay of the Mount writes thus of the processionists :- THE NORMAN DOORWAY, ST. GILES?S WHICH WAS DE~TKOYEL) IOWAKDS THE END OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. (From a Drawing by an no^ nbont 1799.) The Lady aisle, where Preston?s ,gave lay and the altar stood, was part of what forms now the south aisle of the choir called the High Church, and ? Fy on you fostereris of idolatrie ! That till ane did stok does sik reverence Feir ye nocht God, to commit sik offence, To gar suppresse sik greit abusion; Sal1 be nocht else, bot clene confusion.? In presens of the pepill publicklie ; I counsall you do yit ywr diligence, Do ye nocht sa, I dreid your recompense, on that altar many of the earliest recorded gifts were bestowed. The constant additions made to St. Giles?s church, from the exchequer of the city, or by contributions of wealthy burgesses, cannot but be regarded as a singular evidence of the great
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