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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. I


The Guard.] DISBANDMENT. 137 - _ _ . Square, as if the image of a Stuart were the last refuge for any memorial of our ancient manners.? In that year the Guard was finally disbanded, THE CITY GUARD-HOUSE. (After Key.) and fifes played slowly and sadly- ? The last time I cam? o?er the muir.? Scott mentions this, but he little knew that two weapon called a Lochaber axe. Such a phantom and the modem police took its place. The last of former days still creeps, I have been informed, duty performed by these old soldiers was to march THREE CAPTAINS OF THE CITY GUARD. (AflerKay..) Gcorgc Pitcairn, died 1791 ; Gmrge Robertson, died 1787 ; Robert Pilkns, died 1788.
Volume 1 Page 137
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