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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. I


*I18 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Gasford?s Close. BELOW the scene of this tragedy opened Gosford?s Close (in. the direct line of the King?s Bridge), wherein for ages stood a highly-decorated edifice, belonging to the Augustinian abbey of Cambuswould venture, after dark, alone into the back kitchen, as a tradition existed that his bodywhich his relations had unchained and carried 0% sword in hand, under cloud of night-was buried somewhere near that apartment. ? On repsiring been of considerable size, and from the mass of sculptured fragments, all beautiful Gothic carvings, found in the later houses of the close, must have been a considerable feature in the city. ?The writes of a skeleton, found a century after, ? when removing the hearth-stone of a cottage in Dalry Park, with the remains of a pistor near the situation of the neck No doubt was entertained that these were the remains of Chiesly, huddled into this SIR GEORGE LOCKHART OF CARNWATH. (From ttk Portrait in t?u Scottish Antiquarian Alrrseum.) the garden-wall at a later period,? says Dr. Wilson, (? an old stone seat which stood in a recess of the wall had to be removed, and underneath was found a skeleton entire, except the bones of the right hand-without doubt the remains of the assassin, that had secretly been brought thither from the Gallowlee.? But Dr. Chambers also place of concealment, probably in the course of the night in which they had been abstracted from the gallows.? This pistol is still preserved. In this close ?the great house pertaining to the Earl of Eglintoun,? with its coach-house and stables, is advertised for sale in the Evening Couranf of April, 1735.
Volume 1 Page 118
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